This is in response to the Jan. 10 article “Serious problem in the city,” about some Auburn landlords leaving tenants without heat. The story hit home.

I moved to 110 Second Street in Auburn to be close to my sister, who was very ill. She had lived there for more than 40 years. There were many problems with her apartment that were never tended to by the landlord. Her kitchen had a problem, and the bathroom flush didn’t work right; neither did her bathroom sink.

When the cold weather came, the apartment was cold. The landlord must have done something to the furnace, as it was always comfortable before he took over the building.

As was said, 110 Second Street was a beautiful building, but, due to all the problems that weren’t taken care of, I had to get my sister out of there. She really started to go downhill after moving away, and died Jan. 8, due to her illness and, I think, a broken heart for having to leave her home.

The landlord never did any repairs in my apartment, either. The ceiling was falling down in my kitchen, right over the kitchen sink, and there were other problems, as well. At one point, there was a notice from the water department that it was going to shut off the water for lack of payment, so tenants chipped in together and paid the water bill.

One tenant had to mow the lawn, and various problems were never tended to.

Viola Hurd, Auburn

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