I am just amazed at the idea that Islam is not considered our enemy, only radical Islam. Well, there is only one Islam, and I believe it is radical. If it’s not radical, it’s not Islam.

Read the book all Muslims consider the word of the almighty, to be followed literally: the Koran. Failing to follow its teachings means betraying the Islamic religion. Now, lie to me, tell me the book is not radical and does not promote the hatred and killing of those dissimilar in belief.

Tell me that people can be taught these beliefs from cradle to grave and not grow up with these radical beliefs as part of their life.

Democracy will not change that system of beliefs and laws, as those beliefs and Islam cannot be toned down. It is what it is, and with Islamic law, it is anti-everything we in the United States say we believe as Christians and Americans. It is totally against the U.S. Constitution, and totally pro-Islamic law.

I find it hard to believe that people believe the snake of Islam is not poised at our feet, ready to strike, and that this snake is not poisonous. Perhaps, when people find themselves with their head on the cutting block deciding whether or not to deny their God or lose their head, then they will understand.

Joel Denison, Strong

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