Here are some things we are doing in the seventh grade classes.

In Mrs. Nadeau’s class we did brochures about ourselves then started to do biographies on an important person that we know about. We couldn’t do it on a friend and I did mine on my mom. The questions that we had to answer for the biography are: What is their personality, what they look like, why they are important to you and what their favorite stuff to do and other stuff about them that would be important such as a time that you and that person did together like maybe fishing or shopping and had to write little stories about what happened. For example, happy; my grandma gets happy when I get A’s. We have finished that and are doing poems about a favorite job or career. The questions were what is the job, What they do, When they o it, Where they do it and why do they do it.

In music class we are now learning Latin American music, heard some Latin American music and saw some instrument’s that they used. We got to try them out and played with them for a while. Now, we are in groups of three and four making Latin American music on garage band. Then we have to get the instruments that we pick and play them with the beats that we picked. I am on group two with Sydney Nadeau and Cody C. We are doing guitar too. We are practicing the frets and the beats and were playing on the guitar, “Yellow Submarine.”

In science class, we just got done studying density and took the test. We learned how to get density: D=M/Y, but also learned how to get the volume: V= L/W/H. We are now working on force and motion and watch a little video on our laptops. Everytime we get into the classroom we have to take out our laptops and listen to a podcast. The podcast sometimes tells us what is going to happen in class or gives us some notes or a problem that we have to solve.

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