Why do the residents of Canton need the “high ground” of the Village Ridge project? We don’t.

All the people in the flood zone, except a few who wanted to remain in their homes, have relocated. Almost all of them moved to other towns while Village Ridge was in the planning phase. It is unlikely these families will ever return to Canton. We lost approximately 40 families. People who spent most of their life in Canton have had to leave.

The project should have started before they left.

Our memory of flooding doesn’t fade, but there are few families to be concerned about it now.

A majority of voters rejected the project for the third time in less than one year for simple reasons, yet we haven’t seemed to have a chance to express our feelings through the media.

There is no proof there will be even five new homes, which hints there will be little or no revenue from it. We have serious reservations there would ever be 40 homes built, as projected. Therefore, it would be unfeasible to spend millions of dollars on this project. Canton, at this point, does not have the assets to attract new families.

We need to work toward this, which could take years.

Being asked to approve approximately $1.5 million in loans, to be repaid by taxpayers, was the final blow. That was an enormous risk for a town of approximately 1,000 people. We could lose more families due to high taxes; then where would Canton be? If there were only 5-10 new homes in the project, there would not be much revenue.

We could not afford to run sewer and water lines for only few homes.

Other plans, such as a TIF, also would not work with few homes, so we voted it down also.

Look at the economy. There are many foreclosures. We have at least 35 house lots and more than 10 homes for sale in Canton now. Many are in a better location than the project. So why do we need Village Ridge?

Canton does not need to be in the real estate business.

This “unique opportunity” should have been acted on before the families moved away. The “no” voters did not wait four years to act. The responsibility for the procrastination does not lie with us. Put the blame where it belongs. We are thinking of what is best for Canton in the long run, not acting out of shortsightedness.

We agree the funds already spent should be looked upon as an investment. Perhaps a few years down the road, the time will be right to develop the project.

Perhaps the town can sell to an investor and not bear the tremendous responsibility.

Carolyn Matott, Canton

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