RUMFORD – No one at Wednesday’s Mountain Valley High School Athletic Boosters meeting wanted to dissolve the group, as some had suggested, but they do believe that a change in mission may be needed.

To help save the club that supports student-athletes through fundraising for various projects, club President Jennifer Kreckel, Athletic Director John Bernard, and Principal Matt Gilbert will meet in the next few days to change the way money is raised for athletic teams.

Wednesday’s meeting could have included a vote on whether to dissolve the organization, but Kreckel said she didn’t want to call for such a vote until all avenues have been explored.

At issue is the dwindling number of parents who participate in booster activities meant to raise money.

“I feel like there’s a disconnect between us and the coaches. Having their support could help us recruit,” Kreckel said.

The club, with a core group of about 10 people, has been active for five or six years. Two years prior to its reorganization, it had disbanded for similar reasons.

“We need to do a better job of recruiting to get those parents involved,” said member Ed Paterson, referring to parents of football and basketball players, two teams that have substantially benefited from booster money.

“Students whose parents participate don’t reap the benefits of the boosters,” Kreckel said.

For example, a parent may volunteer at a basketball game, but his child may play field hockey, a team that often raises its own money for needed items.

Teams raising their own money, rather than money raised by the boosters, have also been a problem.

One of the topics Kreckel, Bernard and Gilbert will discuss is the possibility of placing all fundraising for any sport under the umbrella of the boosters, or teams reporting their fundraising activities to the boosters.

Such a change would require an amendment to the group’s bylaws and could require going before the SAD 43 school board for action, said Bernard, who doesn’t want to see the organization disband.

The boosters have paid for state championship jackets for team members, championship banners, the falcon mascot and a variety of other sports items, as well as provided scholarships.

Many believe more should be done to provide nonchampionship athletes with items, such as warm-up uniforms and T-shirts.

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