The Jan. 18 article about the Auburn City Council has too many red flags that suggest democracy may not be working in the upcoming budget process.

Mr. Bruce Bickford commented that the council will not make up the $500,000 the state is not providing to Auburn schools in 2008. That seems premature to me.

Councilors should be willing to hear all budget presentations, study them, analyze them together, and then make up their minds about what they will and will not fund.

Mr. Dan Herrick’s comment, “Administration is not education,” also leaves me confused. How would he “administer” 400 school personnel, numerous facilities, and 3,200 students without administrators?

Politics by sound bite does not reflect the depth of many complicated issues facing Auburn this year. I hope the councilors will enter their deliberations with open minds and hearts, and do what is best for everyone in Auburn.

Patricia Gautier, Auburn

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