This is in response to an Associated Press article in the Sun Journal Jan. 23 about a study that showed how President Bush and his administration intentionally misled the United States into war with Iraq. The study included details about how many times Bush and his administration lied about weapons of mass destruction, and the connection between Iraq and the Taliban.

I’m wondering if anyone cares enough to hold those officials responsible for what they did?

I can’t imagine how the families of the soldiers who have been killed or scarred for life must feel. Will all those patriots and their families be slapped in the face by the government doing nothing, or will the government do the right thing by showing the world that it will not tolerate these despicable people in the government at any level.

It is time for all voters in the United States to step up and let elected officials know who is in charge. Voting every two or four years is not enough. We can’t just walk away, throw our hands up in the air and ask, “What can we do?”

We have the power to make things change. All we need is the will.

Lawrence Small, Lewiston

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