Only by fiercely laying on the whip was the driver of a heavy furniture wagon able to escape being run into by an ice car Friday morning in Auburn. Ice car No. 10 while coming down Court Street hill went faster than the motorman wanted it to for reason of slippery rails or a defective brake. No gong was on the car, and as the heavily laden car pounded down the tracks at a fast rate of speed, only the motorman’s voice warned people of any danger. The driver for a furniture store was just crossing the track at Turner Street when he heard the motorman and saw his danger. Cutting into his horse with the whip he managed to get off the track just as the car flew past.

50 years ago, 1958

• All three of yesterday’s scheduled flights at Lewiston-Auburn Municipal Airport were canceled because of wind direction. Wind velocity at the airport reached a peak 22 miles per hour with gusts up to 32 miles per hour.

• One out of every five women is expected to become a blonde in 1958. Of the more than 50 million women in this country more than 15 years of age, 38½ millions are expected to keep their hair color status quo, 11 million will go blonde and about half that number will become brunettes, auburn or redheads. About 2,000 will turn to exotic shades such as lavender and blue.

25 years ago, 1983

BUCKFIELD – Five months after Main Oil Recycling Inc. declared bankruptcy, 33,000 gallons of waste oil containing hazardous levels of chlorinated solvents remain on site here, and the government apparently will have to pick up the tab for cleanup.

• The proposed development of the Peck’s property in Lewiston as a University of Maine campus and state government complex may move from the conceptual to the planning stage in the coming week.

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