The athletic directors of high school sports should teach sportsmanship, attitude and conduct for students participating in all school sports. These standards should be taught early in age and continue through high school. The athletes should adhere to the school standards and should be disciplined or expelled from the sport for infractions for the remaining year. Out-of-control actions should not be construed as minor and receive a hand-slap only. The Lewiston High-Lawrence High basketball game is a good example how the athletes and coaches are the losing participants.

Professional athletes should be setting an example for the young athletes and make good role models for them. Some professional sports people haven’t had the discipline while they were growing up, and it shows in their performance during games. Some of their attitude comes with fame and money, making the adjustment difficult.

I have seen parents completely out of control at sporting events. Those parents set a very poor example for their children from a very young age. The behavior of the parents should set a good example for their children, an example that would follow and last them their lifetime.

Richard A. McInnis, Rumford

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