Abbie, born in 1993, is an energetic, active young lady who enjoys tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, swimming and horseback riding. She loves the ocean but also likes the country and would like to learn how to plant and garden. She also enjoys shopping, watching TV and movies and spending time with friends.

Abbie attends a full day of school and says she likes school very much with English as her favorite subject. She enjoys reading and learning new things, and uses books as a calming strategy. She currently is receiving extra help in math to help her gain new skills and feel more confident in the subject. Abbie, who is also involved in her school drama class, is very interested in the arts – drama and music especially. She enjoys discussing current issues and politics. Her favorite after school-snack is fruits and vegetables, but she loves strawberry ice cream.

Abbie is proud of her accomplishments. She is learning to talk about her feelings, is a good communicator and is a strong advocate for herself. She knows what she needs and wants and can articulate those things to others in a confident and mature manner. An adoption subsidy may be available to the most appropriate family.

Abbie is eager for a family she can love and who will love her unconditionally. She wants a family to share her success with.

Jacob plays football,

is well-liked by peers

Jacob, born in 1995, is an outgoing child who makes friends easily. He enjoys movies, sports and playing video games. He is willing to try new things and is always up for an adventure.

He attends public school and does well. He is a member of the football team and has participated in cross country running in the past. He enjoys watching sports on TV, too.

Jacob is a physically healthy and active child. He is fun-loving and affectionate. He is polite, well-mannered and possesses excellent social skills. He is well-liked by his peers and enjoys spending time with kids his age.

The best family for Jacob would provide the love, support and encouragement he needs, while maintaining the clarity and structure of a healthy family. He would do best in a two-parent family, with both parents taking part in all aspects of parenting. He maintains contact with a younger brother, and it is very important that this continue. An adoption subsidy may be available for the most appropriate family.

Abbie and Jacob are two of the 156 children currently in Maine Department of Health and Human Service’s care who are seeking an adoptive family. 111 of those children have been waiting for permanency for more than a year. There are 2,189 children in the state’s care and 1,189 licensed foster homes.

Based in Gardiner, A Family for ME is a non-profit program that works in collaboration with Maine DHHS. For more information, call 1-877-505-0545 toll free, or visit and see the Heart Gallery of photographs taken by Chuck Pelletier Images of Lewiston of children awaiting a “forever family.”

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