You’re probably wondering what the title of my article means. Well, it is definitely silly, but it has a lot more meaning than you think. On December 13, forty kids all rushed to the gym after their fifth period class. Twenty of those kids were members of the Civil Rights Team, myself included. The twenty Civil Rights members would be paired up with twenty students who are not members of the Civil Rights team. The catch is, they didn’t know who they were being paired up with. The whole point of the day was to get to know someone new. We played games where we split up into teams and in order to finish the game you had to work as a team and communicate.

All the teams came up with great ideas and eventually finished the game. While the students ate lunch, they asked their partner questions. I learned a lot of interesting facts about my partner that I hadn’t known before. At the end of the period we all made a pledge. We sat in circle and said something we would do to make a positive difference in our school. Over all the day was a success and everyone enjoyed it. We thank Mrs. Malyata, the Civil Rights Team advisor, the gym teachers who let us use the gym, Mrs. Forest, Mrs. Martin, and Mr. Osman, who helped supervise, and lastly all the students who participated. We all enjoyed it so much that we are going to have others in February and in May. It was a great experience!

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