WASHINGTON – General Young, now on the retired list and superintendent of the Yellowstone National Park, believes that the protection of the reservation and the game should be placed under a civil guard in place of the army patrol. Young says that the majority of the officers are indifferent and appear to resent being required to subserve both the military interest and the interest of the park on their small salary during the long and severe winters – their duty not being only difficult but dangerous, and much hardship must be endured.

• A cyclone struck the Novelty Cloak Store yesterday afternoon. Nothing like it ever seen on Lisbon Street. Long before the hour of opening the big sale, people began to arrive on every car and train; the store looked more like a big bazaar.

50 years ago, 1958

• Food Town, finer foods…lower prices…plus our bonus to you…S&H Green Stamps. Everybody wins with S&H Green Stamps. No matter how little or how much you buy! With every 10 cents you spend you get an S&H Green Stamp – spend a dollar, get 10 stamps – spend $1.40, get 14 stamps – and so forth.

• The attorney for the parents of a paddled fourth-grade school pupil said today they have received threatening letters since their criminal case and civil suit against the paddling teacher got into court. The teacher, Miss Gayle Graner, said she paddled Roscoe, 11, after he defied her instructions to quit playing with some cards. The day before the criminal case was called, Miss Graner’s pupils contributed money for refreshments at a “good luck” party for her.

25 years ago, 1983

Managers of Twin City food stores are saying supplies of canned goods and fresh produce have been unaffected by the 5-day-old independent truckers’ strike. However, if the strike doesn’t end soon, some warn that supplies of fresh produce may begin to decline as early as next week. The strike was called to protest increased federal highway taxes, including a 5-cent-per-gallon gas-tax hike passed by Congress in January.

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