SWANSEA, Mass. (AP) – Researchers have discovered what they think is a photograph of a young Lizzie Borden that had been hidden away for perhaps more than a century.

The photo of a young girl around age 8 or 9 was found by Stefani Koorey and Len Rebello in December as they did research at the Swansea Historical Society’s Luther Museum.

The sepia photograph is unmarked, so it cannot be positively identified. But it was found among other Borden family photos in the town where they were known to spend their summers.

Koorey says the photo bares a remarkable resemblance to Borden and she has “no doubt” it is an image of the accused ax murderer.

Borden was charged with the August 1892 slayings of her father and stepmother in the family’s Fall River home. Although she was acquitted, many people thought she got away with it.

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