Moving? Here’s some advice on what to do before you move in from the book “How to Survive a Move” (Hundreds of Heads Books,, $13.95), straight from people who’ve done it:

“Do all the renovations you can to your home before you move in. Once you move in and unpack, forget it! Small things like a piece of trim missing from a wall aren’t impairments to living, so you never get around to doing them.”

– Anonymous, Shoemakersville, Pa., 1 move

“Get your floors refinished or re-carpeted before you move in. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of moving furniture out of the way. Plus, you might have to spend a few nights in a hotel while the polyurethane dries.”

– Julie Martin Sunich, Tampa, Fla., 12 moves

“Set aside money for decorating the new place. We used security deposits from other places to decorate the new place. We bought stuff for the kitchen, posters, a mirror and stuff for the living room.”

– Vanessa, Milwaukee, Wis., 5 moves

“Take all the inside doors off their hinges and stack them in the basement. More often than not you are going to run into a situation where something doesn’t want to go into the room and the door needs to be removed. It’s much easier to do that first, while you know where your tools are, than to try to find that stuff in the middle of the move.”

– Torrey Matusev, Youngstown, Pa., 4 moves

“Call a week ahead of time and make sure electricity will be turned on and the High Definition cable installer will be there the day you move in. Gas, water, garbage and phone are all optional as long as you have ESPN in High Definition on Day One.”

– J.S., Edina, Minn., 5 moves

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