For years I have stated that is is absolutely unfair that part-time Maine residents (college students) be allowed the privilege of voting and affecting the outcome of issues that will be with us for years to come.

That became even more evicent at the Democratic caucus. An enormous number of Bates College students attended and registered to vote that day. Not only were they loud, rude and disrespectful, but as they were filling out their paperwork, it became apparent to me that they knew none of the information required; not their respective ward, not their county and not even what municipality they were going to vote in.

Being surrounded by Bates students, I asked them why they decided to vote in Maine, instead of in their state of residence. The response was unanimous – they all came from large states where they felt they could not make a difference, but realized their votes here could alter the outcome.

I was beside myself. How dare they attempt to alter our decisions?

Since these individuals are allowed voting status as residents, then they should also be forced to register their vehicles in Maine, like the rest of us. The law currently reads that any new resident has, I believe, 30 days to change their registration. Why should this not apply to them as well?

Let the police enforce that law and see how many will continue to register to vote. Or, do they get to pick the laws they adhere to?

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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