Many families in this community are struggling to keep their homes, due to the high cost of fuel, food and mortgage interest. Throw into those circumstances an illness that limits income temporarily and you have a desperate crisis. Through the generosity of people in various churches, there have been some respites in this downward spiral. These are all appreciated and needed, both by the recipients and the donors, as the call to help one another.

My concern is to change the way these crises are dealt with. What good does it do anyone, including the lending institutions, to foreclose when families are trying their best to pay their bills but are going through hard times? These are families that do not qualify for public assistance because they are working but, due to many circumstances, are losing the battle. There should be a safety net for these hardworking people.

The greed of companies such as Exxon (having the best financial quarter ever at the expense of these families) is obscene.

I have no answers.

I am hoping that other people do, and that they will contact their elected respresentatives to let them know this is not acceptable. If enough of us show our concern, maybe something can change.

Sally Belisle, Lewiston

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