Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine, 1947. His parents were Donald and Nellie Pillsberry King. For most of his life, he lived with his mom and brother, David King, in Wayne, Indiana. His older brother David was adopted, but that didn’t matter to Stephen. His father lived off in Stratford, Connecticut for most of his childhood. At the age of 11, he moved to Durham, Maine.

There he attended a grammar school for a couple of years. He later decided to transfer to Lisbon Falls High School. He loved to write, and was very good at it. Let’s just say, he had a very active imagination. And those good writing skills got him a full scholarship to the University of Maine Orono Campus where he was involved in many different activities.

In 1970, he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in English. One year later, he began teaching for the first time at Hampden Academy, but he couldn’t teach full time until 1973 as they told him he needed to gain the experience working part time initially.

Mr. King was 6’4 and weighed 200 pounds with big baby blue eyes, jet black hair, and a white beard. However, after visiting a doctor, Stephen found out that he had “high blood pressure, limited vision, flat feet, and bilaterally punctured ear drums.” However, these problems didn’t prevent him from writing wonderful books.

Stephen King married Tabitha Spruce in January of 1971. They met in college, but never hooked up. I guess you could say they didn’t want a relationship to interfere with their work. They were just friends until they were both through with college. They had three children, Naomi Rachel, Joe Hill, and Owen Philip. The family had a couple of different houses that they grew up in. Their main home was in Lovell and they also had a summer home in Bangor. After the children grew up, they purchased a third home in Florida.

Stephen King started writing horror stories when he was 12 years old. He published his first novel called “Second Coming” while he was living in his summer house in 1973. His next novel was “Jerusalem’s Lot” which was later changed to “Salem’s Lot”. What made Stephen King such a good writer was that he kept the reader hooked. And I mean every reader that read his books. His books would stay on the best seller’s list for almost 11 months for each book! This made him known world wide.

Mr. King was actually in a hit and run accident while he was out for a walk. He was hospitalized for a long time and was slow to recover, but luckily he did.

My favorite movie that Stephen King wrote was “Room 1408.” It was so exciting, the way it ends, and everything. The kind of books he writes are somewhat confusing until the very end. “Room 1408” was a movie about a guy who wrote about and rated all haunted hotels that he had stayed at. He would travel to known haunted hotel rooms and spend the night. The ironic thing was that he didn’t even believe in ghosts. He wasn’t a believer because in all of his travels, he had never actually seen any ghosts. Well, that was until he went to the Dolphin hotel. It played with his mind until the very end of the movie. The haunted spirit knew about his life and the loss of his daughter. It was really trying to push him over the edge. That’s why Stephen King’s books and movies are so interesting. They are twisted and can really jump you.

Stephen King is a wonderful writer and has played a small part in most of his movies. He is also a wonderful husband and dad to his family. He wrote his books, but still made time for his family.

Stephen King is still alive today, and making more books and movies. He has so many fans, including me, that are just waiting for the next good scare!

I picked to write about Stephen King because I absolutely love to watch his movies, and I’m really into scary stuff. But to tell you the truth, I always thought he was some weird old guy, like he was gothic so that’s really why I wanted to see what he was really like.

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