Hi, my fellow Mustang Corral readers. Do you remember my advice article that was posted two weeks ago about how to combat homework horrors by following three simple tips? Well now, maybe it is time for us students to counter our teachers for three simple reasons. Here is why, according to two controversial books, called

The Battle Over Homework and The Homework Myth.

1. Students should never receive more than two hours of homework per night. According to many educational studies conducted in the classroom and from standardized tests, it is a proven fact that students who do more than two hours of homework per night actually score lower on quizzes and tests. Therefore, too much homework actually impairs a student’s ability to score well on tests, even when they have studied the previous night.

2. Homework is a recipe for bad attitudes. Researchers have concluded that students who spend most of their time on homework usually have sour moods and even depression, in some cases. This is because homework limits the students’ free time to socialize with friends and tackle more stimulating projects of their own. Remember, sitting in the classroom nearly half of the day, then going home to do more work, deprives the students of their friends and family. It also makes them uninterested in school and in learning.

3. Finally, homework reduces students’ retention and learning abilities. Studies have shown that students work to the best of their ability in the classroom through communication. This is because classrooms are well-structured, organized learning environments with teachers and students present to help others comprehend and retain the material. Partner work between two students as well as one-on-one conferencing between a student and teacher have both equally proven to be the best methods of increasing a student’s learning and retention in a particular subject.

Therefore, in conclusion, I ask all of you students to show this entire article, as well as the sources indicated, to all of your teachers. Save yourself and your peers from failing test grades, reduced free time, and depression. In addition, for all teachers out there, guilty as charged; please take into consideration this article as well as the research put into this article. If you want to see your students interested in your subjects and succeed in them, then abolish homework immediately!

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