LEWISTON – Results of the Lewiston Recreation Department’s grade school basketball league (Scores not provided):


Trinity Catholic – Lead scorer: Andrew Gosselin; Coach Award: Madison Jalbert; Hustle Award: Nicolas Mitri; Sportsmanship: Pete Theriault.

Martel Dark Green – Lead scorer: Isiah Harris; Coach Award: Isiah Harris; Hustle Award: Kyle Billings; Sportsmanship: Devin Michaud.

McMahon Gold – Lead scorer: Ahmed Hirsi; Coach Award: Taylor Vaillancourt; Hustle Award: Chris Hazelton; Sportsmanship: Lucas Rushton.

Montello Blue – Lead scorer: Mohamed Mohamed; Coach Award: Roger Rousseau; Hustle Award: Matt Hudson; Sportsmanship: Mohamed Mohamed.

Martel Light Green – Lead scorer: Jacob Kendall; Coach Award: Russell Courbron; Hustle Award: Jacob Kendall; Sportsmanship: Jake Schmidt.

Montello Red – Lead scorer: Ben Howell; Coach Award: Trevor Martin; Hustle Award: Austin LaRue; Sportsmanship: Devyn Van Meeder.

Pettingill Panthers – Lead scorer: Cody Lagasse; Coach Award: Maxwell Bolduc; Hustle Award: Julian Smedley; Sportsmanship: Kevin Dillingham.

Farwell Gold – Lead scorer: Nicholas Belanger; Coach Award: Ryan Skillings; Hustle Award: Legend Edwards; Sportsmanship: Andrew MoKumobi.


Pettingill Blue – Lead scorer: Olivia Norton; Coach Award: Desirae Roy; Hustle Award: Caprice Quinn; Sportsmanship: Erin Morris.

McMahon – Lead scorer: Paige Clabby; Coach Award: Paige Clabby; Hustle Award: Abbie Loisel; Sportsmanship: Andrea Hamel.

Martel – Lead scorer: Heather Kendall; Coach Award: Shanon Pierce; Hustle Award: Lauren Lecompte; Sportsmanship: Renee Poulin.

Pettingill White – Lead scorer: Shauna Babine; Coach Award: Molly Kivus; Hustle Award: Amanda Swart; Sportsmanship: Courtney Allen.

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