Denmark, a low country lying between two seas, has plenty of wind and it is utilizing it on a scale that has never been used for time out of mind to pump water and to grind grain. Their appropriation of unlimited power rushing by them has been restricted as it has not been possible to store power or to combine effectively the force of several windmills or make the hurricane’s surplus energy do duty in days of calm. These defects are cured by converting the wind power into electricity and equalizing its use through the storage battery.

The United States has abundant windswept territory. The seashore, prairies and highlands everywhere have an unlimited supply of this force. It can be converted into electrical power and combined and stored for use as readily here as in Denmark. This utilization of this wind power would lessen the drain on our diminishing coal supplies.

50 years ago, 1958

BENTON STATION – A crowd estimated by police at 1,000 persons traveled to this tiny hamlet today to witness the launching of the first rocket by an amateur in Maine. Everyone went home disappointed, however, for the launching attempt by 18-year-old Leslie U. Bugbee Jr., fizzled.

• Auburn citizens and officials are taking another look into the Auburn Post Office situation and have broadened their view this time to include a Federal building instead of just a post office building. Gauthier said the present post office lot at Franklin and Turner streets, even if utilized to the fullest, is not large enough to give the necessary space sought by the postal authorities.

25 years ago, 1983

Bourque’s Markets: Whole loin of pork, $1.38/lb.; chicken thighs, 48 cents/lb.; Lacasse family size 22-ounce salmon pies, $1.89 each; center lean pork chops, $1.88/lb.; American cheese, $1.99/lb.; U.S. No. 1 Maine potatoes, 10 lbs./59 cents; broccoli, 69 cents/lb.; cucumbers 2 for 49 cents; iceberg lettuce, 49 cents/head; bananas, 29 cents/lb.; oranges, $1.29/doz.; au jour pears, 6 for 69 cents; Three Diamond chunk lite tuna in water, 79 cents.

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