• The consolation of the three Narrow Gauge railroads in Franklin County has started a revival of the old stories about the building of a line from Winslow to Farmington to connect those roads with the Narrow Gauge Road running from the former town to the sea at Wiscasset. There are some straws which indicate that the wind is blowing in that direction.

NEW YORK – Bearing 800 distinguished guests, including Gov. Charles E. Hughes, and Gove. John F. Fort and their staffs, an official train of eight cars, marking the formal opening of the $60,000,000 tunnel system linking New York and New Jersey rolled out of the Manhattan terminal at 20 minutes up to four o’clock this afternoon.

50 years ago, 1958

• President Eisenhower’s personal popularity has slipped slightly during the last month. Today, 58 percent of adults across the country give him a vote of confidence. In January, 60 percent approved of the way he was handling his job as president.

• The government announced today that food prices reached a record high last month, sending overall living costs to a new peak. The increase was the biggest in 18 months. The new living cost jump was attributed mainly to the record freezes of Florida’s winter fruit and vegetable crops, and to a low supply of meat with consequently higher costs.

25 years ago, 1983

AUGUSTA – Telephone-company interests expressed opposition here Tuesday afternoon to a proposal that all new paid telephone installations be able to provide emergency-call assistance without charge.

DETROIT – New car sales by the major domestic automakers declined 12.7 percent in mid-February compared with the period a year ago, marking the worst daily selling rate for the period in 22 years.

The competition between the city of Lewiston and Union Water Power Co. over which shall develop hydroelectric facilities at Lewiston Falls can prove costly to both parties.

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