Alicia, born in 1992, is a beautiful girl who is smart, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. In many ways, she is a typical teenage girl who likes to go to the movies, hang out with friends and go shopping. Alicia wants a family to help her through her teenage years, providing the guidance she knows she will need as she matures into a young adult.

Alicia likes school and says she gets “OK grades.” She enjoys the social parts of high school much more than the academics! She loves to read and will often go to the library if she has extra time during the school day.

Alicia has taken hip-hop and jazz classes and would ike to take dance classes again. She loves to sing and dance and likes most types of music, except opera.

Alicia mentioned that she would like her adoptive family to be young. A single mom would be OK. A couple would be good, too. She doesn’t want to live with anyone who smokes.

After spending time with Alicia, you find yourself quickly engaged in a pleasant conversation with a bright young lady.

An adoption subsidy may be available for the most appropriate family.

Three energetic siblings

hoping for an active family

Zachary, Jonathon and Cody are full of energy. They are sweet, handsome boys who need a family to keep them together. Each has unique interests, but there are several things that please all three.

Zachary is the oldest. Born in 1997, he has a bright smile and a quick wit. He is athletic, polite and a great big brother. He plays basketball and roots for the Celtics and the Bulls. He was wearing a Tom Brady jersey the day he had his photo taken and says he likes the Patriots as well.

Born in 1998, Jonathon is the middle brother. He is a “rough and tough” kid who likes to play sports, ride his 4-wheeler and get dirty. He likes school, especially math and recess. He has done gymnastics in the past and is quite good at doing cartwheels and splits.

Cody, born in 2001, may be the youngest, but he acts grown-up. He plays soccer and has quite a kick. He also plays baseball. He likes to play outside all year, whether building snow forts in the winter or riding his bike in the summer.

Zachary, Jonathon and Cody get along fairly well most of the time, but do best when involved in activities together. The best family for them would be one that is as active as they are. A family with many social contacts and a larger family system would be wonderful because these three need lots of attention and adult interaction each day.

An adoption subsidy may be available for the most appropriate family.

Alicia, Zachary, Jonathan and Cody are four of the 156 children currently in the Maine Department of Health & Human Service’s care who are seeking an adoptive family. Based in Gardiner, A Family for ME works in collaboration with Maine DHHS to find foster and adoptive families. Call 1-877-505-0545 toll free, or visit and see the Heart Gallery of photographs of children seeking adoption taken by Chuck Pelletier Images of Lewiston.

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