Last September, the citizens of the area met at a council meeting held at the Multi-Purpose Center. It was anticipated there would be a large representation of people against Casella Waste. More then 150 citizens attended.

Would Casella also bring waste from Massachusetts for single-stream recycling?

Many people in this area received feedback from people in other areas who had dealt with the company. The information about Casella that I received from Hampden and other places did not appear too good.

Well, Casella is back.

Concerned residents need to look carefully at what this company has to offer Lewiston and the state. Who will control what comes into Maine from Massachusetts? How would it be controlled? How do we know some waste won’t come from Connecticut, New York or even New Jersey? Who would be on the Massachusetts border to make sure waste does not come in from other states?

I believe other states should keep their own waste. Why take a chance on getting our state polluted and have our grandchildren pay to clean it up.

Portland is using EcoMaine single stream waste. Portland’s airport has waste cans in and around the building. I believe EcoMaine just handles Maine waste and does not take any from out of state. It might be a little more expensive, but in the long run, less pollution to clean up. Portland must have studied and made what they feel is the right decision.

So should we.

Bob Soucy, Lewiston

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