Editor’s note: Every day there are rays of light that shine into the lives of people through their neighbors, their co-workers, their families and even through complete strangers. This column is devoted to exposing these sunbeams to the light and offering readers an opportunity to share good news. We plan to occasionally offer up our own sunbeams, too.
Good young men

On Feb. 2, I got my car good and stuck trying to get into my front yard on College Road in Greene. In the hour I spent doing everything imaginable to get out of my predicament, I was passed by innumerable vehicles. Then two young men, Tom and Kyle, looking to be in their mid to late teens, stopped to help and pushed me out.

I wanted to call attention to this specifically because I feel that young men of this age are often victimized by bad press. Despite the excellent coverage the Sun Journal provides detailing the works and lives of so many extraordinary young people, it seems like what sticks most in our memories are the negative stories.

I am very, very grateful to Tom and Kyle for their assistance, and even more grateful for the positive look at today’s young men.

Mona Frechette, Greene

Grateful for supper

I would like to express my gratitude to all involved in the huge success of the benefit supper for the Davis and Birney families held Jan. 12 at the BQMC in Turner. Special thanks to all the staff of MSAD 52 who baked desserts and to volunteers who helped set up, clean up and serve, and to all the community members who came for dinner.

And much gratitude to all the local businesses for their generosity in helping to making the event happen.

Sherri Jordan, Turner

My hometown

I have heard people in Mexico say they want out. But I am here to say I love my town! People may have seen the donation cans around town for my grandchild, Madisyn.

She was born on Feb. 10 with Cornelia deLange Syndrome (CdLS), and my son and his fiance need help. This town has pulled together and are helping so much. I just want to say, I love my town, and thank you all so much.

Pauline Turbide, Mexico

Live kindness

This has been a difficult winter for everyone, especially for the road crews. Therefore I want to say a very special thank-you to two Auburn Public Works workers who came to my assistance when my car was hopelessly stuck on Wednesday morning, Feb. 13. It’s so great to find kindness alive and well.

Elaine McCarty, Auburn

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