The fact that each of the familiar and long-tried materials for covering the walls and floors of bathrooms and lavatories has at least one serious shortcoming has led to the introduction of a patent sanitary structural glass. It is milky white in color, and comes in the thickness of half-an-inch, the slabs being otherwise almost unlimited in size. This insures case of setting, and the least number of joints in the finished room. The material will not swell or shrink, craze or discolor, and is absolutely non-absorbent, which is more than can be said for marble.

50 years ago, 1958

WASHINGTON – The Army said Saturday night it will offer to finance four years of college education for soldiers who agree to stay in the service for 12 years. Participation will be strictly on a voluntary basis and a soldier who wants to get into the program won’t have to sign up for the whole 12 year enlistment right at the start.

• There will be no Dairy Day parade this June. To take its place the Maine Dairy Club, which has sponsored the parade the past four years, will hold a giant Dairy Day and Agricultural Fair in the Lewiston or Auburn area June 10.

LISBON FALLS – All articles were voted on at town meeting here, Saturday, as recommended by the advisory board. The major discussion was on the purchase of the Gartley Pasture lot in Lisbon Village, for the construction of a new elementary school.

25 years ago, 1983

• The Legislature and Maine voters went too far when they outlawed electronic slot machines, say advocates of a bill that would restore those devices – and add conventional slots – to the halls of veterans and fraternal groups around the state.

• Creating an eighth University of Maine campus at Lewiston would “correct an injustice” that has existed for years in state treatment of Maine’s Second City, Gov. Joseph E. Brennan said Wednesday, and he “will be fighting to see it approved” by state legislatures and UM trustees.

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