I bet Rex Rhoades was having fun with his column, printed March 7, regarding the home mortgage crisis. It feels so good to immediately agree that all those terrible people out there have been greedy and irresponsible and deserve to suffer in silence. Yes, indeed. It feels good.

But then comes that gnawing feeling that the entire economy and country going down perhaps might affect the rest of us just a teensy bit. I, too, had a fixed mortgage rate all my life. But perhaps I might have been a bit irresponsible with other decisions. Who can remember?

What I must note is that perhaps we have all been a bit irresponsible, collectively. Why did our government allow these lax lending practices? Who was in charge? Who made all the profits? Where were the controls and oversight? Who is responsible for that?

Some might say that it starts and stops at the top. Let’s see, that would be George Bush. Who re-elected Bush in 2004? Didn’t the Sun Journal endorse him in 2004? Where is the outrage over that? Where does the real blame lie?

I suggest that the prudent thing to do is to pull together to get out of this mess and then try very hard to learn something from it.

Ellie Leight, Poland

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