I’m writing in reference to the promised parking garage that was to have been built in the Great Falls area five years ago. It’s nice to hear that things are now happening regarding that. However, with no public notification, the decision has been made to relocate this parking garage from the area originally agreed upon (which was more accessible for the residents and merchants of that area) to way over next to the railroad tracks.

As an Auburn property taxpayer, I need to voice my opinion.

As I understand it, a substantial portion of the project will be covered by tax dollars. I feel that this proposed parking garage should be built for the convenience of the residents and businesspeople of the Great Falls area, as was orginially promised. When going to Austin Associates, the doctors, Post Office, banks, The Esplanade, or the Hilton Hotel, parking is frustrating.

The future development of the downtown Auburn area and Great Falls is crucial. They really need an accessible parking garage.

I would not want to park my car in a garage and walk 500-600 feet just to get to my destination. Shouldn’t this garage be centrally located so that it is more accessible and fair to everyone?

I urge the public to attend the Auburn Planning Board meeting March 11 at the City Building. It appears to be the only opportunity for the public to express its opinions regarding this.

Charlene LeClair, Auburn

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