• Hammondsport, N.Y. – Professor Alexander Graham Bell’s new aerodrome, the “Red Wing,” was given its test flight over Lake Keuka today. After gliding over the ice on the lake for about 200 feet, the aerodrome rose gently to the height of about 10 feet and sailed at that elevation for a distance of 319 feet, at the rate of from 25 to 30 miles an hour.

• The Maine Central is planning to experiment with a new type of car for the transportation of perishable freight in cold weather, especially potatoes from Aroostook County. It is expected that the car will be able to carry such freight long distances without artificial heat, being so constructed as to be practically frost proof.

50 years ago, 1958

• Frank E. Maliar, 59, and William H. Maliar, 27, both of 553 Main St., Lewiston, and owners of the Bowl-A-Way Alleys Middle Street, appeared yesterday in Lewiston Municipal Court on charges of permitting juveniles to play pinball machines in their establishment. Warrants alleged they allowed a 12-year-old boy and a 15-year-old to play the machines March 8. Juveniles are prohibited by law from playing the machines unless accompanied by their parents.

• The Portland area price for No. 2 home heating oil, used in furnaces, is 14.4 cents and for No. 1, or range oil, 15.7 cents. Some other Maine prices for No. 2 – 14.6 cents at Bangor, 15.5 at Augusta and 15.7 at Houlton.

25 years ago, 1983

WASHINGTON – Congress appears ready to raise the retirement age as part of a Social Security rescue plan, despite pleas from liberal Democrats that the move would penalize people unable to work beyond age 65. The house voted 228-202 last week to attach an amendment to the rescue package that would raise the retirement age gradually from 65 to 67 by the year 2027. Supporters of the change say it is a logical reflection of increased longevity and would avoid adding to the tax burden of current workers.

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