Tips for vacationing at home:

-Tour your town. Many people never visit many of the museums, amusement parks, zoos or other attractions right in their own backyards. Spend some time touring your own city by visiting places you have driven by a zillion times but never ventured into.

-Try new restaurants: Go to dinner at a restaurant you have always wanted to try but never had the time to. If you are trying to save money, go out to lunch at that new restaurant instead and enjoy the great food at cheaper prices. Meet a friend whom you never seem to have the time to visit with.

– Spend time with the kids. Take them some place special, or just make a point to get involved with their day-to-day by showing up early at camp or school pick-up, hosting a playdate or playing a game together.

-Skip the chores: Don’t waste your entire vacation cleaning, doing laundry or mired in other chores around the house. Clean your house once at the beginning of the week and then forget about it.

– Get back to nature: Picnic at a local park or explore biking and hiking trails. Take advantage of good weather by spending time outdoors.

-Shop ’til you drop: Do you always go to the same mall to shop? Venture to a new town, new mall or regional outlet center you’ve been wanting to check out.

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