Let us look what President Bush and the conservatives will leave the next president and compare it with what President Clinton left to Bush.

Our soldiers are in a hostile area of the world for what real reason? Protecting big oil and their interest. Billions of dollars being sucked out of this country and the oil people are seeing record profit year after year. The dollar is going down the tube. I never thought I would see the Canadian dollar surpassing our dollar. Foreclosures at a record high.

Millions of people have no health insurance. Retirement money in the stock market is taking a turn for the worst. It costs more than $3.50 per gallon to keep our homes warm.

President Bush is going down in history as another President Hoover. It will take another President Franklin D. Roosevelt to dig us out of this hole. I did not vote for President Clinton and I did not vote for President Bush; both are just puppets for big corporations. President Teddy Roosevelt and President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about corporate corruption – we are seeing it now.

John Edwards was the only hope and the Democrats went with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama; the Republicans went with another Bush type. Maybe this country needs another depression to wake us up.

Peter Hart, Auburn

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