After listening to politicians from both parties tell people they will change Washington if elected, I ask the public to consider Ronald Reagan’s statement, “Are we better off today than we were seven years ago?”

My answer? A definite “no.”

When Bill Clinton ran for the presidency, he promised to rid Washington of lobbyists. After his last term, there were twice as many. Hillary Clinton says she has the most experience, and I agree, but can she really bring about change in Washington?

Barack Obama says he will change things completely. How can he when both parties won’t change unless it’s to their benefit? Both parties are alike in that, and so nothing gets done. The people must make the changes.

Though supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, nowadays it’s a government of politicians, by the lobbyists and for the rich.

My answer is to impose a term limit of 20 years for both houses, and elect a president for one term of either six or eight years, with a provision for recall.

There are politicians in Congress who have been in power more than 20 years, and they only fight for their party. They do very little for the middle class, which pays the most taxes.

It is time for the public to take back the government and get rid of the deadwood in Washington. Demand term limits, as happened in Maine.

Edward Samson, Lewiston

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