This is in response to a letter from Sen. Bruce Bryant, D-District 14, that was printed Jan. 19.

To malign Oxford County Commissioner David Duguay for changing party affiliation is not only wrong, it’s narrowminded. Moreover, to allege that he made this move to confuse voters or better position himself to run for re-election is extremely hollow. I respect what he did.

As usual, his actions speak volumes.

The residences of Oxford County Commission District 2 can take comfort from his decision. He is now better equipped to represent the interests and needs of all and not follow party dictates.

Party membership is not a religion. Why the position of county commissioner is still partisan eludes me.

I believe that there are more independent voters, declared or otherwise, than those who make decisions just because they are “Republican” or “Democrat.”

To blindly support a candidate or a political platform does a disservice to everyone. There is often something of value on each side of an issue, but the only way to make that determination is to be open-minded enough to consider all views and then simply do the right thing.

In reality, there is little difference between the two organized political parties. They “talk” a different story but often “walk” a very similar path.

To think that party allegiance is the only thing you can trust will surely lead you down the same path used by the lemmings during their short trip off the cliff.

Ted Hotham, Rumford

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