Were you planning on going to the Ozzy Osborne and Rob Zombie concert on Jan. 3 in Portland? I was, and I was looking forward to it to. When I got home from school I was so fired up for it…. then I turned on the radio to listen to that Ozzy marathon the station 92 moose was having. Boy was I in for a surprise, so I turned on the radio and I heard just about the worst thing possible, and I don’t mean country music during the Ozzy marathon, I mean right when I turn on the radio I hear them say “Sorry but the Ozzy concert has been postponed to January 31 because Ozzy got sick from performing at the New England Patriot’s game.” One of my friends, Tim, was planning on going too, so I called him to give him the bad news. The next day everyone was so bummed out. They were all waiting to hear how it was. Then things got worse, and I don’t mean a snow storm on the day of the concert, I mean Rob Zombie had another gig on Jan. 31 on that same day, so we got Twisted Roots instead of Rob Zombie.

Ozzy started off with the hit new song, I Don’t Wanna Stop, then Crazy Train, Mr. Crowley, Not Going Away, and Suicide Solution, and many more hits. Twisted Roots sounded a lot like Creed. After a few songs, Ozzy sprayed everyone with a fire hose full of foam. The guitarist that played with Ozzy was Zack Wyld. At the end of the show Zack Wyld threw his guitar into the crowd.

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