Great indignation is felt among the residents of Danville Junction because of the granting of the petition by the County Commissioners which will go away with the grade crossings at that place. While the abolishment of the crossing will make saving the City of Auburn and is what the Maine Central, Grand Trunk and Hiram Ricker & Sons wish, it will greatly inconvenience those who frequently use the road as now laid out for when the new road is made and the present one discontinued, it will be necessary to go some distance around.

50 years ago, 1958

TURNER – The old-type crank telephone system will be converted to the modern automatic dial services here at 1 p.m. Wednesday. This will complete the long-range conversion plans for the Oxford County Telephone and Telegraph Co. The change to the dial system began at Sumner in 1936, West Paris changed to dial in 1939, Conversion started at Canton in 1942, but due to the war, completion was delayed until 1954. The North Turner system was completed in 1951; and in 1951, Buckfield was converted, leaving only the Turner exchange to be completed.

• A total of 95 cases of communicable disease were reported in Lewiston and Auburn during the week ending March 15. Lewiston reported 46 of the total number of cases with 49 reported in Auburn. Highest single total was 30 cases of mumps in Lewiston and 28 cases of the same disease in Auburn.

25 years ago, 1983

When the Rev. Raymond and Jo Ann Pike began the Good Shepherd Food Bank in April 1981, their first “warehouse” was the basement of their home on Court Street in Auburn. Since the program began, 650,000 pounds of food have been salvaged. Last year 30,000 people were served. From virtually no budget the first year, the Food Bank raised $92,000 last year ($30,000 from a single, anonymous donation); this year’s budget is expected to exceed $312,000. So far, the program has received no government funding.

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