NORWAY – The town of Norway and its residents will be featured this weekend in the premiere show of the new television series “Intrepid Traveler.”

“It’s all very exciting,” said producer Steve Hrehovcik of the show, which will air Saturday on WPME-TV at 10:30 p.m.

The new series features the character Bruce McToose who wanders through the towns of Maine with “foreign” connections. In Norway, he looks for the famous fjords and ends up at Lake Pennesseewassee with Selectman Bruce Cook, who is president of the lake association.

Much of the filming was done last month when Hrehovcik and his son Josh, who plays McToose, and cameraman Mike Davis of Gargoyle Productions of Maine wandered through Norway interviewing people at the Norway Savings Bank, Cafe Nomad and other places.

Although the original date was planned for mid-April, WPME-TV station manager Doug Finck decided to run the show in March because snow played such an important part of the background when the crew was filming in town last week, Hrehovcik said.

Future segments are expected to be filmed in other area towns such as Paris and China.

In an interview last month, Hrehovcik described McToose’s journey: “In his innocent yet comical way, Bruce McToose reveals some of the fascinating facts and background of these historic locations that often get overlooked. All of the time Bruce believes he is in the other Norway, on a quest to find those picturesque fjords, or China, looking for the Great Wall, or in Paris hoping to climb the Eiffel Tower, or Egypt . . . isn’t there suppose to be a pyramid around somewhere?”

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