New chapters should be added to the contemporary code of etiquette, for new social situations have been created by modern invention. The best mannered people in a drawing room often fail utterly in common courtesy when at the end of a telephone wire.

There is, perhaps, no code of personal intercourse that more clearly reveals the true “manners of a man’s soul” than his attitude at this time. For the very reason that no rules of conduct have so far been drawn up, he then becomes the none too gentle savage that unadorning nature has made him. He bullies the operator, scolds the “wrong number,” keeps calling up the house where his friend ought to be – but is not – until the entire family is in a fever.

50 years ago, 1958

TOGUS – For a small contribution Maine motorists can have the assurance that if they lose their car keys they will be returned promptly. This is possible under the Idento-tag program of the Disabled American Veterans. Each year the DAV sends out the miniature license plates to motorists throughout the nation. The recipient is asked to make whatever donation possible in return. When the keys become lost they may be dropped into any mailbox where they will be sent to the nearest VA office for forwarding to the key’s owner.

Some 2,214 Maine motorists who have lost their keys since 1950 when the program was initiated, have profited by the idea and have had their keys returned to them. On the national level the DAV has returned more than a million sets of keys.

25 years ago, 1983

The snowshoe season will end Sunday with Les Indiens Showshoe Club’s Anniversary Parade in downtown Lewiston at 1 p.m. Twenty-three clubs have been invited to participate in the march, and 17 judges will judge most of the parade in front of the clubrooms, making choices for best drum and bugle corps, best drum corps, best color guard, best military major, best twirling major or majorette, most numerous in the parade, most numerous out of town, plus one new category – best display of the club’s emblem.

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