This one is for all the men who tell me they don’t read about fashion, yet would like to see a little space dedicated to their wardrobe challenges once in a while.

Here it is guys, no holds barred.

We are now well into the new year, and some of you have not left the starting line. In other words, where’s the “new you”?

Before we can even consider what’s happening now in fashion, some of you have to shape up the wardrobes you have. Simply put, get a good shoe shine, consider a new haircut and definitely have that suit altered.

And next time, get it right the first time. Buy clothing that fits, or have it altered immediately. Have a regular rotating schedule for visiting the dry cleaners. Have stains removed immediately or replace that item of clothing.

The small details matter most when you want to look good. And staying on top of details doesn’t mean buying a new wardrobe each year, according to The Doneger Group, a fashion and merchandising consulting company. They say men should shop carefully for inexpensive pieces that add a certain “wow” factor to their wardrobes.

Timely takes like pocket squares, ties, belts, cufflinks and shoes can have a grand impact on your outfit.

And when it comes to all those modern communication devices that some of you are still clipping to your waistlines -stop it!

While it’s true the clothing doesn’t make the man, a man’s appearance helps determines his stature among peers and his attractiveness to the opposite sex.

The folks at offer a list of the 10 most common fashion crimes men commit, plus tips on how to avoid them. Read on, gentlemen:

1. Backpacks. OK, maybe this is just a misdemeanor, but you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder, not hike up a mountain. Carry a briefcase or messenger bag – and if you need something for your gym clothes, invest in a nice-looking gym bag.

2. Clashing or too many colors. A coat of many colors may have worked for Joseph, but you, my friend, should limit each outfit to just three colors or shades. Stick to complementary colors (those opposite from each other on the color wheel) or colors from the same palette. Match pale clothes with light-colored shoes and dark clothes with dark shoes.

3. Stained clothes. Don’t be that guy who’s unwittingly walking around with red sauce on his shirt. Make it part of your daily routine to inspect your clothes when you take them off and when they come out of the wash to make sure you don’t miss a spot. Watch for yellow circles under the armpits, soiled collars or cuffs. You may even want to keep a stain stick in your desk at work.

4. Ill-fitting pants. Even if you’re sure of your size, always try on pants before buying them, because different brands have different lengths. Jeans can be worn to the bottom of your heel, but your khakis or dress pants should end at the top of the heel. Make sure they don’t reveal any sock as you walk or more than a couple of inches of sock when you sit. Too tight or too baggy won’t cut it either.

5. Ponytails. You’re neither a wizard nor a rock star. And even if you were, admit it, doesn’t Michael Bolton look much better now that he’s cut his hair? If you must keep your hair long, make sure it’s neat and clean and doesn’t fall past the base of your neck.

6. Novelty ties. It’s OK to express your individuality through color or pattern. But stick with the classic width of about 3¼ inches, and make sure the colors and patterns complement the shirt you are wearing.

7. Too much cologne. If you must wear cologne, get a quality brand. And since the same cologne smells different on each person, make sure to test it out and get some opinions. Beware of mixing too many smells at once. Remember, if you wear an antiperspirant or aftershave, the scents can mingle for an unpleasant effect. And don’t be too liberal in your application. The safest bet is to avoid wearing cologne altogether and let the clean smell of soap do the talking.

8. Funky facial hair. If you’re going to do facial hair, do it right. Keep any mustache or beard trimmed. Don’t wear a soul patch (that little rectangle of unshaven hair beneath your lower lip) or uni-brow (try waxing or laser hair removal). If you’re prone to stray nose or ear hairs, please invest in a special trimmer.

9. Too much jewelry. A simple watch is all you need outside of a wedding band or class ring. Save the gold neck chains, bracelets, pinkie rings and facial piercings for after hours.

10. Combovers. Draping or otherwise “arranging” those nine hairs on top of your head into an elaborate combover doesn’t actually work for Donald Trump. He gets away with it only because he’s the boss. If you are follicle-challenged, embrace it. Keep your hair cropped short, or shave it all a la Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi or Howie Mandel.

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