Trinity Catholic School celebrated Catholic schools’ week from Jan. 28 to Feb. 1. During that time period, we learned many things about religion while having fun at the same time. Bishop Malone visited both buildings and offered many words of wisdom. Many different activities took place, such as eighth graders volunteering to serve at the Spaghetti Supper, where a fun time was had by those who served as well as those who enjoyed the delicious food. Another exciting event was on Fri., when each class went bowling or roller skating. The teachers had a blast, just like we did! Even though Catholic schools’ week came to a conclusion, the spirit lives on throughout the year.

Lunch enjoyed by parents and students

On Feb. 28, the Trinity Catholic Junior High had a parent luncheon in the cafeteria. Parents were joined by their sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. They all enjoyed a delicious lunch of tacos and all the fixings. Parents sat with their children and friends and all chatted happily. Parents also joined their children at recess. That day there were many hugs.

Bishop Richard Malone visits Trinity Catholic

Bishop Richard Malone and Sister Rosemary Donahue, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, visited Trinity Catholic during Catholic schools’ week. First, they visited the junior high, where they joined us in morning prayer. They both then visited individual classrooms and the Bishop talked with the students about his calling to the priesthood. He wanted us to really think hard about our future. After talking with the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, they went to visit with the younger students at the elementary school. Even with his busy schedule, Bishop Malone always finds the time to visit us at Trinity Catholic, which is really exciting for everyone.


During the height of Catholic schools’ week, the Catholic school community was hard at work on Jan. 30. The school day started off as any other day would, but at 1 p.m. the community of students, parents, and faculty gathered for Mass at Holy Cross Church in Lewiston. Father Michael Seavey celebrated the Mass and many students were involved as altar servers, lectors, and choir members. It was a wonderful celebration that included excellent participation from all.

Spaghetti supper is well attended

Wed. afternoon of Jan. 30 proved to be a busy one for eighth graders and parent volunteers. A spaghetti supper was held in the hall of Holy Cross Church to benefit the eighth grade class for year-end activities and graduation. Students were in charge of waiting on tables, just like in a restaurant. They had to take orders and serve all of the food and drinks. The main meal of the night was spaghetti along with a variety of salads, drinks, and deserts to be served to the hungry customers. The eighth grade class earned well over $500 in tips as all of their hard work paid off.

Overall, the day was a huge success and one to be remembered in Trinity Catholic history. Everyone participated, students got a taste of working, but most importantly everyone was gathered together and enjoyed a great meal. Many parent volunteers were helpful as well, and food was donated from many places. We would like to thank them all for helping us achieve our goal.

St. Dominic RHS hosts seventh grade fun day

The excitement started just as we walked through the gym doors at St. Dom’s. First thing we did was to get changed and be put into groups. Each group had to come up with a name and a cheer to go along with the name.

To get our bodies warmed up for the events we did some stretches. We then did the Presidential Physical Fitness Test, which included a shuttle run, V-sit and reach, curl-ups, and push-ups.

Everyone was then ready for a break and, lucky for us, it was time to have lunch. Most of us enjoyed pizza, chips, and drinks. All of the seventh graders ate and watched a video about St. Dom’s. After everyone was done eating we went back to the gym, where we played a game of giant volleyball and everyone really enjoyed that.

The busses came and it was time to go even though we didn’t want to leave. The outcome of the whole day was wonderful.

Student appreciation day and game of Jeopardy

Catholic Schools’ Week was going great, and Fri., Feb. 1 was dedicated just to appreciating the students. One of the exciting things on our agenda for the day was a game of Jeopardy created by teacher Mr. Marc Lepage. All of the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders met in the cafeteria and were divided into three teams of all grade levels. The game was just like a real game of Jeopardy, except the categories were school subjects and one potpourri category. The questions were made up by the teachers who taught the subjects, as well as some from the administration. It was really fun to be appreciated and everyone enjoyed it.

Door decorating

During Catholic Schools’ Week, the Trinity Catholic Elementary and Junior High schools decorated their homeroom doors during a class activity in the morning. Homeroom doors had to represent the slogan Catholic Schools Light the Way.

It was a class effort and also a way for us to work together as part of a Catholic school. Every student was involved in some part of the activity. Some decorations included hearts to show that we treat one another with love and respect. Another door had photos of the students in the homeroom. One showed a cross to symbolize the practice of our religion. Yet another door had creatures of God’s creation, representing each student. And another door used lighting such as a disco ball or Christmas lights to show how everyone gives off their own color and lights the way by his or her actions. The homerooms enjoyed coming together to decorate the doors, showing how Catholic Schools Light the Way. It was a fun and exciting experience.

Bates College basketball is highlight

During the afternoon of Feb. 1, and the conclusion of Catholic Schools’ Week, Bates College Head Basketball Coach Riley, his assistant coach, and three Bates basketball players visited Trinity Catholic for a basketball demonstration. Grades four through eight viewed the demonstration in the junior high gym. During the demonstration, students in the crowd volunteered to play different types of basketball challenges, such as relays, knock-out, lunch tray, and beat the clock. It was a fun time enjoyed by all and a great way to end Catholic Schools’ Week.

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