This is in response to the letter from Suzanne Marcy and John Merrill Sr., printed March 30.

For the coming year, selectmen in Poland did cut the proposed budget for the town’s share of the operating budget for Ricker Memorial Library. As with all town and school budgets, everyone was asked to hold the reins on spending. The economy, high gas, oil and grocery prices are hitting everyone very hard. We have all had to tighten belts and live within strained budgets. It is not easy for anyone.

The library, municipal and schools should do no more/less than the taxpayers have been forced to do – cut spending, do without, and make do with the money available. To infer that the selectmen or the taxpayers are uncaring, or do not appreciate the contribution the library makes to the townspeople, is ludicrous.

The library should take some responsibility for part of its own funding, both for this year and in the future. The interest from the endowment can be used as well as the suggestions made by selectmen at a recent meeting. The library could organize and launch a campaign to solicit money. One member of the town very generously stated he would match campaign donations.

Taxpayers should not be painted as uncaring. They need to be thanked for their continued generous support to a library that everyone continues to benefit from. Then look for ways to help earn the funds needed for the upcoming year and beyond.

Joan Houston, Poland

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