• Business is booming at Darling’s garage. This company has sold so far this season 25 Reo cars and 15 Maxwell cars. Mr. Darling thinks that the sales this coming season will be much larger than in the season of 1907.

• The automobile as made today is not an extravagant luxury, but an economical and easy way to travel. It is possible to buy a good reliable automobile for from $650 to $1,000. The expense of running such a car should not exceed 1½ cents per mile, and the repairs should not be any more than the cost of keeping a good carriage and harness in repair. The automobile is capable of covering more miles in one season than a horse would travel in three years; therefore, the automobile has become a business proposition instead of a fad.

50 years ago, 1958

• Mumps are still prevalent in the Lewiston-Auburn area, according to the latest report of the Maine Bureau of Health. This report, for the week ending March 29, showed 27 cases in Lewiston and 20 in Auburn.

• The head of the nutrition department at Harvard University’s School of Public Health told the Maine Sardine Council Thursday that sardines may be a weapon for use in fighting heart disease. He said sardines are a “reasonably good source of arichidonic acid which, along with linoleic acid, appears to help us transport cholesterol in the blood stream.

25 years ago, 1983

• With Maine already known for having one of the toughest drunk-driving laws in the country, it now appears that a growing number of residents are showing interest in a Maine organization against drunk drivers. MADD, Mainers Against Drunk Drivers, is little more than a year old and has about 50 members. But if interest shown following a recent television movie on drunk driving is any indication, the group’s membership could soon double or triple.

• Cool temperatures prevailed and steely skies covered Maine on Sunday as Easter arrived without a spring escort and with only scattered holiday activities scheduled throughout the state.

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