It is time for a concerned citizenry to hold the criminal justice system’s feet to the fire. The record shows too many light sentences for serious crimes against society; too many unjustifiable suspended sentences; and too many plea bargains accepted, designed to relieve the state of the burden of proof to support realistic sentences that truly reflect the severity of the crimes.

Recent press disclosures reveal court-imposed sentences that are nothing less than laughable. And we wonder at so many repeat offenders.

Any person, or persons, convicted of anti-Semetic displays on the walls and in the halls of a public high school, or anywhere else, for that matter, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But, assuredly, it is preordained that any such unconscionable act will be seen by the courts as not rising to the level of a hate crime.

Seeing just how far the justice system is willing to look the other way would be an interesting read, to be sure.

Loren B. Feldman, Sabattus

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