• The automobile is for the professional man, the traveling man and for everybody that is obliged to be on the road, as it is an easy and economical way of transportation. The time is not far away when our grocers and dry goods merchants will be delivering their wares in automobiles. As soon as the demand for pleasure automobiles is filled then the automobile manufacturers will put a delivery car on the market that no successful business man will be able to turn down.

• Henry Oliver, who has been canning apples at Farmington Falls, has moved his machinery to East Wilton and will continue the business there. He has already purchased 2,000 barrels and will employ about twenty people.

50 years ago, 1958

• By a rare calendar coincidence, three of the world’s great religious observances coincide this weekend. All over the world, followers of One God celebrate great events in their histories – Christians, Jews and Moslems.

• For the adventure-fisherman, the ones who like to plan their fishing trips to the last detail, there are now available new survey maps for the 109 lakes and ponds survey by the State Department of Inland Fisheries and Game during the past year. The total of lakes and ponds surveyed now stands at more than 1,000 and the maps for all of them are available to the public. The maps are available at five-cents each.

25 years ago, 1983

• Once again it’s “Play ball!” The Major League season opened Monday and this afternoon, weather-permitting, the Boston Red Sox open their season against the Toronto Blue Jays.

AUGUSTA – Computer companies, newspapers and business groups said Tuesday they should not be required to provide rest breaks, eye exams and health warnings to employees who use the video display terminals. With no conclusive proof that VDTs pose any greater eye and body strain than paper, pencils and typewriters, those groups and others told the Labor Committee that mandatory protections are unnecessary.

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