I grew up and was educated in Auburn. I have been a taxpayer for the past 10 years. Auburn has a lot to offer its citizens, including an excellent educational system.

What does it take to make this system excellent?

It takes a community and a generational commitment to education.

It takes highly qualified and passionate educators.

It takes fiscal responsibility on the part of both the City Council and the School Committee.

Why is money last? Well, someone paid taxes for me to receive an education and it is my belief that the citizens of Auburn have a moral and ethical obligation to provide the same quality of education for students today as was provided to me more than 30 years ago. The teachers of Auburn are dedicated to providing quality education for tomorrow’s leaders.

No one likes to pay higher taxes, but that is the reality of the world we live in.

The City Council needs to look more closely at the city side of the budget and where cuts could be made.

As a taxpayer who realizes the value of a good education, I am sick and tired of the city always looking to schools to cut their budget and staff and not expecting the same from the city side.

I will not vote to ratify the school budget if money is not restored.

Marci Ellingwood, Auburn

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