It is said that one of the latest fads in the jewelry line is the old-fashioned cameo pin, like those that our grandmothers used to wear, and one of the local jewelers states that they are to be worn a great deal. The cameos are genuine, being cut from the shell, and are mounted in old-fashioned settings in various shapes and sizes. The cutting is exquisitely done and some of the pins are very handsome.

50 years ago, 1958

NEW YORK – Rails again set the example for an indifferent stock market and helped pull the list to a fairly good gain Friday. The carriers continued a technical rally of their own which began Thursday. With the list of key stocks thoroughly mixed late this afternoon, rails suddenly came to life and made good gains. The aircrafts already were higher. They gained more and other issues caught the mood and improved. The advance was anything but general. Steels, farm implements and rubber took small losses. Motors were mixed.

• An estimated 700 persons attended the annual Auburn policemen’s ball held last night at Lewiston City Hall. A nationally renowned singing group furnished entertainment during the affair. Most members of the Auburn Police Department attended and members of the American Legion reserve police filled in on regular police duties.

25 years ago, 1983

• School prayer – including local and state “moment of silence” laws – is triggering a roar of controversy that could come to a head later this year. The issue has kept civil liberties groups in combat with religious fundamentalists and others for over two decades, since a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 1962 effectively barred prayers from the public schools.

AUGUSTA – By a one-vote margin, the House changed its mind Tuesday and decided that drinkers should be allowed to belly up to the counter at Maine state liquor stores and say “charge it.”

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