The other day, while looking at the pictures of people who are wanted by the police for not paying a few fines, I wondered why I couldn’t see the pictures of some young child who may have been kidnapped, instead.

It really should be the missing children we should be looking for. It’s a public service that should be conducted through all public media.

To put the face of someone on a milk carton in the hopes that someone will even look at it is absurd, considering the same pictures would get at least noticed by a newspaper’s readership.

Why can’t a newspaper offer at least monthly listings, even if just a few, of missing children.

While I am not sure of the cost associated with such a venture, it cannot be of such an amount that cannot be absorbed by local and state groups.

I am no newspaper person, but it seems evident that type of exposure to a real problem very easily outweighs the need to show a 40-year-old man wanted for not paying some fines.

And I have not been a featured member of the L-A’s most wanted criminals, and am not wanted for anything.

Joseph Mailey, Auburn

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