There is a buzz of conversation, everyone talking about how spectacular the electricity presentation is. I have to admit, as soon as I saw the description “a high-voltage demonstration,” I knew that this would be very interesting.

As soon as I entered the large room, I couldn’t help but wonder what the giant structure in front of me was for. It consisted of two giant pillars, each with a rounded top. We would soon find out the purpose of the large construction, but first, the instructor spoke to us a little about electricity. Did you know that electricity is in every single object around us? I was fascinated to discover many new facts, but I was also very eager to see the demonstration, where lightning would be created with the structure that I later learned was called the Van de Graaff generator.

As soon as I saw the instructor put on his sound-blocking earmuffs, I knew that it was time. I had never actually seen lightning in the form of a bolt, only a flash in the sky. That was about to change when I heard an earsplitting bang thundering through the room as we watched the bright bolt of lightning appear between the Van de Graaff generator and a silver ball at the top of a rod. The instructor continued to do some really cool things using the Van de Graaff generator, but I won’t spoil the surprise! If you get the chance, you should definitely check out this incredible exhibit!

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