Have you checked out the local rock music scene lately? If you haven’t then you really should get to it! Right here, in Lewiston, there are many local bands that have shows that you can go see. There are even some bands straight from Lewiston High School. Local shows usually happen every week and they aren’t too expensive.

Take As Our Eyes See Clearly as one very good example. They have a show on April 12 at the Station in Portland. As Our Eyes See Clearly is a hardcore-rock band straight from Lewiston High School. The band started last year, for a local talent show. Their original name was Dirty Veronica, but then a friend from, Take Her She’s Mine, created the name As Our Eyes See Clearly. They played at a Battle of the Bands show last year and won second place. Another local group, Fight of the Fading, from Leavitt High School took home the first place award.

After getting second place in Battle of the Bands, the group decided to continue on with being a band together. The members of the band are Cam Dufour, Mason Boisvert, Cam Lopez, and Zach Lopez. The first song the band ever played together was Bite to Break the Skin by Senses Fail. At the time when the band first got together, As Our Eyes See Clearly had more of an Alternative rock sound but now they consider themselves to have more of a hardcore-screamo style. Their influences include: UnderOath, As I Lay Dying, Heavy Heavy Low Low, and Bless the Fall.

As Our Eyes See Clearly is a band that has a lot to offer. They have talent and an original sound. The rhythm guitarist, Cam Dufour, says that, “We are going to keep the band thing going for as long as we can. Even when our bass player/singer goes to college next year. So, look out for us!”

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