I am extremely excited to go to Poland Regional High School. There are many things that make me want to go.

For one, I know a lot of the students who go there. My sister Krystyn is one of them. I know most of her friends, too, and we are pretty close. Plus, I have friends from Poland who are going there, too. That’s a plus.

Also, I can’t wait for the extra privileges that we will get (chewing gum, listening to iPods, etc.) The thought of going to a new school is weird for me. Elm Street School is the only school I have ever gone to. I know almost all of the teachers here. But at the High school I don’t know any of the teachers, personally. I’ve heard about them from my sister and her friends, but I have never had a chance to meet any of them.

I think I might be worried a little when the time comes, but for now I have to worry about this year and what’s happening now! Either way, I think I will enjoy my high school experience in the long run.

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