In reference to a Sun Journal article in the March 16th newspaper, titled “Parents giving ‘out-of-control’ birthday parties left holding the bag,” I feel that many kids today are getting very greedy at very young ages. They expect a lot of presents or gifts from everyone. In this article, kids fully expected more than $15 worth of stuff in their goodie bags. They don’t yet fully understand that they are there to help celebrate their friends’ birthdays. They should not expect a gift as well.

Also, kids are so greedy because the parents often give in when their children beg and plead. Society has definitely had something to do with this as well. Kids are given these goodie bags, so that they will not feel bad when someone else is opening gifts.

Toy companies advertise on TV and target the kids. Once they get what they have been asking for, they think that they will get whatever it is they want, if they bug their parents enough. My parents have told me that, when they were my age, kids rarely got half as much stuff as we get today and they turned out just fine.

As a kid, I can understand that not having what all your friends have is difficult. Also it can be hard for parents not to give in to their children when they beg and plead so much that it gets to a breaking point, but it must be controlled. Parents must begin at an early age to “teach” their kids that they can not always get everything that they want.

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