DIXFIELD – Police Chief Richard Pickett warned two skateboarders and confiscated the board of a third boy Monday for breaking the town’s ordinance governing how and where such activities may take place.

The boys were taking up the vehicular southbound travel lane on Weld Street, one of the areas that is off-limits to skateboarders.

“We just want them to be safe,” he said. “We want to work with them.”

With spring having arrived and more skateboarders, bicyclists and roller-bladers out, Pickett said certain areas may be used for skateboarding while others may not. And if offenses are repeated, not only can the youngster or his parents be fined, but he may lose his skateboard for a period of time.

He said the town ordinance should soon be posted at the schools and at Ludden Memorial Library. A skateboarding ramp is expected to be installed at the rear of Dirigo High School within a few days, as well.

In general, he said skateboarders are not allowed on Main or Weld streets. They may ride on other streets providing they do not interfere with pedestrians or motor vehicles. Skateboarding is not allowed after dark.

“We’ve already received complaints,” Pickett said.

He said youngsters may use the parking lot at the rear of the town office and library once the offices are closed for the day, providing the skaters are quiet and don’t leave garbage behind.

Violation of the ordinance calls for a written warning the first time, confiscation of the skateboard for five days and notification of parents for the second offense, a $25 fine and loss of use of a skateboard for one month the third time, and fines of $50 and $100 for the fourth and fifth offenses.

He said bicyclists are expected to follow motor vehicle traffic rules. Although helmets aren’t required by law, Pickett said Dixfield police encourages their use, for safety reasons.

Roller-bladers should follow the same rules as skateboarders and bicyclists.

“Be cognizant of the surroundings and don’t be discourteous,” he said.

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